Golden Bee Condos turns your condo bathroom into a slice of paradise right in the heart of Toronto. Imagine stepping into a bathroom that not only meets your functional needs but also reflects your personal style - a perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and efficiency. Our cutting-edge bathroom renovation services are designed to bring this vision to life, no matter what you picture, transforming your space into a serene oasis that resonates with your taste and lifestyle. 


Why renovate my condo bathroom?

A bathroom renovation is more than just an aesthetic upgrade; it's an investment in your quality of life and property value. An expertly renovated bathroom enhances the condo’s overall appeal for potential buyers and makes it a more enjoyable living space for as long as you reside there.

How does a condo renovation work?

Our process begins with a consultation to understand your vision and needs. We then develop a design plan, select materials, and outline a project timeline. Our skilled team executes the renovation, ensuring every detail aligns with your expectations, concluding with a final walk through to guarantee your satisfaction.

We’ll always do our due diligence to ensure that the process is free of hassle for you, your neighbours and your condo building’s management. Our contractors will obtain all necessary permits and permissions from necessary parties before construction begins so there are no surprises.

We are fully licensed and insured to start your condo bathroom renovations today. Contact us now to book your free consultation.

What are some space-saving strategies for condo bathroom renovations?

We love a good design challenge. Smart condo bathroom ideas include using floating vanities, corner showers, and built-in storage solutions. Mirrored cabinets and light colour palettes also help create an illusion of more space. We'd love to consult with you to tailor your space to meet your needs.

Can I change the layout of my condo bathroom during a renovation?

Yes, you can change the layout, but it's important to consider the plumbing and structural limitations within your condo building and the cost associated with relocating plumbing and large bathroom fixtures.

How much does a typical condo bathroom renovation cost in Toronto?

The cost can vary based on several factors, including the size of the bathroom, the quality of materials used, and the complexity of the renovation. Transparency in price is important to us. You’ll know more about what you’ll spend on your condo bathroom reno long before we begin your project. Head here for more details about condo renovation pricing in the GTA

Why choose Golden Bee for a bathroom renovation?

As Toronto's premier bathroom renovation specialists, Golden Bee Condos brings a wealth of experience and dedication to every project.

  • We offer personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs and preferences.
  • Our team comprises skilled professionals who excel in a wide range of condo bathroom design.
  • We use high-quality bathroom materials to ensure durability and elegance.
  • We respect your time and budget, providing transparent and detailed cost information for your condo bathroom renovation in Toronto.

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