Is your condo feeling outdated? Perhaps you’re considering a renovation to create a space that better suits your needs. Our condos should be both convenient and comfortable and function accordingly. Golden Bee Condos are experts when it comes to condo renovations and making the most out of every inch of space available. Our team of professionals will work with you to create a design plan and budget that meets your needs. Need a condo renovation company in North York? Look no further than Golden Bee Condos. We do it all from remodeling to renovations!

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Our North York Services

Full condo reno

A condo renovation is a great way to inject some fresh life into a dated living area. It is also a great way to increase property value. Come to us with your dream condo ideas and we will work with you to make them come to life.

Condo kitchen reno

A kitchen condo renovation is a great opportunity to add your personal touch on everything from flooring, countertops, and backsplash to lighting, cabinetry, and additional storage options. We can handle it all – from minor kitchen remodels to complete renovations. Our team of design experts can provide you with ideas utilizing the existing space or offer recommendations on how to transform the room.

Condo bathroom reno

Golden Bee Condos will work with you to create the bathroom space of your dreams. Additional storage, layered lighting, updated fixtures, or a shower stall are just some features to consider to really inject a luxurious feeling into the room. Our design team will sit with you to hear your goals and needs to develop a space the household will truly love.

Condo bedroom reno

Luxurious flooring, bright windows to usher in natural light, sophisticated lighting – the options are endless when it comes to creating the bedroom space you’ve always dreamed of. Our design and build team is on the pulse of all the current trends and can offer popular design options.

Condo remodeling

Before embarking on any condo project, it’s imperative that you discuss your intentions with your condo board. If major renovations are out of the question, perhaps a condo remodel can help update the space while appeasing the condo board.

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The Golden Bee Condos Approach

The Golden Bee Condos approach is the reason why condo owners across North York look to us for all of their renovation needs. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or complete condo reno, our team of design experts will work with you to determine your goals and needs.

Our personalized approach and free consultation will provide you with the comfort and peace of mind knowing your condo is in good hands.

Why Choose Us 

Golden Bee Condos understands that undergoing a condo renovation is a major decision – this is why our team of licensed and insured contractors treat every property they work on like it’s their very own home. Our competitive pricing and guaranteed craftsmanship always leave our customers happy for years to come. Call us today for a free consultation and begin the journey to the dream condo you’ve always wanted.

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